Bringing Artists and File Sharers Together

Next Steps for Safe-Xchange

Our civilization has gone, in 150 years, from where performers and their audience had to be in each other's presence, to where having performers and their audience together is rather rare.

In many ways that's a good thing. It allows us to hear music from different artists all the time. But it has eliminated the connection that performers and their audiences felt, and it has made it more difficult to make a living as a musician.

Safe-Xchange, a company founded by and owned by musicians, is looking for ways that the connection can be improved as well as allowing audiences to pay the performers, rather than having all their money go to technology companies and record labels. Here's what we're working on:

  • A digital record album that includes songs, videos, stores, event calendars, liner notes, and social networking.
  • A social networking app for musicians that allows each musician to spread words and pictures and videos and audio through all the social nets.
  • A new kind of internet service/radio that can be directed by both musicians and audiences rather than technology companies and record labels.

Stay tuned!