Bringing Musicians and File Sharers Together

Safe-Xchange builds apps which are distributed on the peer to peer networks to help musicians connect with their fans and find new fans. The apps allow fans to listen to the music, see an event calendar, buy music, physical goods, and event tickets, connect with the musician or band using social networking, and engage in Google Hangouts with the artist.

200 million people share files on the P2P networks every month, and studies show that they pay 30% more for music than the average internet user. The Safe-Xchange app offers a direct way for musicians to connect with these people and increase their revenues. Some of those people may already be fans, they just don't have a direct way to pay musicians for their music. Others will be new fans. This is a perfect way to connect with a very large number of people.

FANS: do you want to help musicians make a living? We are running a crowd funding campaign to help us pay the cost of increasing the power and number of platforms our app runs on. Click the Donate button below if you want to help your favorite musicians:

MUSICIANS: we want to help you increase your revenues. Sign up today and help us fund the app with crowd funding. In addition to revenues from the app itself, you get revenues from perks at our crowd funding campaign.

One of our artists, James Olmos, said with regards to our recently ended IndieGoGo funding campaign, "In regards to the IndieGoGo, where have you ever heard of someone running an IndieGoGo fan sourcing and they give that money back to the artist? I've never heard of that. That's brilliant! That's a huge thank you.”

FILE SHARERS: visit our File Sharing page and send us your email address so we can keep you posted as we move forward.

Here's an introductory video that describes our app and our funding campaign:

Help us bring artists and file sharers together!

Help your favorite musicians make a living.
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